Young Futures

‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having
new eyes.’

Marcel Proust

Young Futures is committed to:

  • working in close partnership with you and the communities you serve, to achieve outcomes that stand the test of time and changing circumstances,
  • bringing open, authentic and skilful communication to all our interactions, and
  • ensuring our professional and personal integrity remain central to what we do and how we do it.

Young Future´s approach is guided by the principles and methods of futures thinking:

  • We’ll guide your exploration of possibilities – some will feel exciting; some might be confronting; and others, at first glance, could seem absurd. Ultimately, each could be the beginning of something new. Awareness of different possible futures is the starting point for making better decisions today.
  • We’ll help you identify diverse perspectives – the perspectives of children, young people and adults of all ages; the perspectives of people from different cultural and language backgrounds; and the perspectives of people with diverse life experiences and abilities. Each view contributes unique insights to help build a more complete understanding of the issue and the opportunities available.
  • We’ll assist you to facilitate participation – genuine participation through each and every stage of an initiative. Participation that helps real change occur by actively involving those who influence change and those who are impacted by it.
  • We’ll help you achieve change in the present – change achieved by making sure the incremental actions you take each day are consistent with your visions for the future.