Young Futures

‘Children see magic because they look for it.’

Christopher Moore

Young Futures is committed to facilitating the participation of children and young people in conversations that shape our community. We believe this is not just an obligation, but a valuable opportunity from which we all benefit.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child formalises the community’s obligation to allow children to:

  • have a say in decisions that affect their lives,
  • be free to ask for and receive information,
  • share information and ideas of their own, and
  • be heard.

Young Futures believes that when these obligations are fulfilled, we all have something to gain.

Children and young people inspire us towards new possibilities. They are insightful and creative. At the same time, their no-nonsense logic can contribute simple solutions to things that initially seem like significant challenges.

Young Futures believes that when government, community organisations, businesses and community members consider the opinions, ideas and life experiences of children and young people, alongside those of others, decisions can be made that build better communities – for us all.