Young Futures

‘Sooner or later, we sit down to a banquet of consequences.’

Robert Louis Stevenson

Young Futures is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for you and the communities you work with. Sometimes this involves calling on the skills, experience and interests of other highly skilled colleagues.

Katy O’Callaghan, Outpost Consulting

Katy O’Callaghan is a researcher, writer and social policy analyst. Prior to establishing Outpost Consulting in 2005, Katy spent nearly 15-years in Government research and policy roles. Katy has particular expertise in education and training policy and in issues affecting Indigenous people and people with a disability. Katy brings insightful and creative thinking to each project.

Rachel Healy, Rachel Healy Consulting

Rachel is an adaptive, analytical and lateral thinker with a passion for social justice. She has held senior central and line agency positions across diverse social policy areas including children’s policy, health, disability services, education, the arts, emergency services, housing, homelessness, women’s policy and multicultural policy. Rachel now applies her skills and experience to consultancy work with government and non-profit sector clients in the human services.

David Lees & pAul Montgomery

Unique Outcomes

Through Unique Outcomes, David and pAul specialise in developing customised learning and change partnerships in the human services sector. David and pAul have a particular interest in collaborations that focus on practice-based reflection and learning; emphasise peoples’ strengths; and encourage human service workers to participate as collaborators with their clients.

Unique Outcomes is the Australian and NZ provider of training and implementation support for Outcomes Star, an internationally popular tool for supporting and measuring change in human services.

Frank Donohoe, Donohoe Consulting

Frank is an organisational psychologist with the single purpose of reinvigorating how people in organisations think and collaborate. Frank is the developer and owner of the Vital Teams suite of team metrics, tools and workshops – designed to develop truly vital and high performing teams. Frank’s passion is in cultivating teams and networks of teams that collaborate, share knowledge, innovate, and achieve extraordinary outcomes, and developing leaders who can be adaptive and able to work with a complex set of organisatioal relationships.

Frank’s aim is to create organisational cultures that can transform themselves by committing to their core values and creating networks that share knowledge and resources.